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Will Kimbrough - Live at Coast

Live at Coast was a great series of live shows I had the pleasure of filming and editing for some very talented artists.  These projects involved four to seven camera shoots on a multitude of support rigs, from tripods and sliders to cranes.  A great challenge, and a rewarding outcome.

Eden - TV Spot

Thirty second commercials are always an exciting challenge.  Eden wanted a short narrative piece to inspire future potential clients and they got it.  My role was to write, plan, shoot, edit, and handle additional post production including color grading and screen compositing. 


Lia Rose - Excuses (cover)

Sometimes the last minute, rag-tag productions are the best.  After working with Lia Rose on a live stream event at Jingletown Studio in Oakland, she inquired about making a video together.  Just a week or so later we shot this in the backyard, had it edited, color graded, and posted in under four hours total, and is still one of my favorites. 

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